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Bike Chain Fidget Keychain

Bike Chain Fidget Keychain

$ 10.50

Fidget Club's best selling bike chain fidget is available in a keychain! Now you can easily attach your bike chain fidget to your backpack, purse, clothing, and more. 

My bike chain fidgets are a favorite for meetings, speeches, and classes. Back in grad school, I often kept one of these on my lap under my desk during lectures.

The bike chain fidget is small and unobtrusive, and can be easily concealed in the palm of one hand. When the mood strikes, I have found that my bike chain fidgets can be a great conversation starter to tell others about how fidgeting calms me and helps me concentrate. 

This handmade fidget is made from 3 bike chain links, a key ring, and a silver colored lobster clasp. The bike chain links can be easily pushed through the key ring in a repetitive and calming manner. 

As this product is made from a real bike chain, Imperfections, color variations, and chips in the paint may occur.

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