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The Essential No Noise Fidget Box 2

The Essential No Noise Fidget Box 2

$ 39.95

This fidget assortment is hand picked by me based on the fidgets that I find most helpful in my daily life. These fidgets are perfect for classrooms, lectures, desks, and meetings, and are all completely silent so that your fellow workers will not be disturbed. 

Slip this fidget box into your backpack or large purse and always have a fidget at hand!

Box dimensions: 7.75''x 6.25''x 2''

Product colors and styles vary from the product picture. 

Contents: Boinks Fidget, Super Boinks Fidget, Revolutionary Fidget 1.0, Tangle Junior, Porcupine Monster, Stretchy String, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Yogibo Stress Ball, SwingOs, Latching Plastic Case

 Choking hazard. Not for individuals who may put these items in their mouths.

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